Finca Santa Josefa

Traudel Gerhmann Mick is an intense German-Peruvian coffee farmer who speaks several languages and is deeply passionate about experimentation with her coffee lots. With her husband, Juan Luis Vier, an engineer, and with Juan Atkins of Peru Global, she has pivoted from largely conventional coffee to a dedicated specialty focus that includes planting many new varieties and experimenting with anaerobic fermentation, among many other experiments. The farm is lush and beautiful, high in the mountains in Villa Rica.


Farmer: Traudel Gehrmann Mick

Farm: Fundo Santa Josefa

Region: Villa Rica, Junin – Peru

Varietal Micro-lots: Pacamara & Red Caturra

Processes: Natural, Honey, Anaerobic, and washed

Elevation: 1,600 – 1,814 (MASL)

Certification: Rainforest Alliance 


Pacamara Profile

Fragrance / Aroma: Flora – Praline

Acidity: Berry – Tangy

Body: Creamy

Flavor Notes: Roasted Almonds, Juicy, Very Sweet, Caramelized Brown Sugar


Red Caturra Profile

Fragrance / Aroma: Molasses – Dried fruit 

Acidity: Very Sweet – Nippy

Body: Solid

Flavor Notes: Cascara, Tea Rose, Caramel, Apricot, Delicate, Dried Cranberry/Cherry


Cosecha Profile

Fragrance / Aroma: Malty – Floral

Acidity: Sweet – Tangy

Body: Creamy

Flavor Notes: Earthy, Vanilla, Sweet, Cinnamon, Pungent Lingering.