Finca Timbuyacu

Finca Timbuyacu is owned by Karen Araoz and her husband, Alfonsa Tejada. Both are from the region, and sold their travel agency in Lima to return to Rodríguez de Mendoza and start their coop, Monteverde. Finca Timbuyacu serves as a pilot project for experiments and as an opportunity to educate the 250 farmers who sell their coffee to Monteverde coop and are rewarded with quality premiums. When Araoz and Tejada planted trees at Timbuyacu, everyone told them the land was no good, but their harvest and coffee quality has increased every year since then. 


Farmer: Karen Araoz

Farm: Finca Timbuyacu

Region: San Nicolas Rodríguez de Mendoza, Amazonas – Peru

Varietal: Caturra (60%), Typica (30%), Pache (10%)

Processes: Honey and washed

Elevation: 1,850 (MASL)


Fragrance / Aroma: Malty – Vanilla

Acidity:  Sweet – Mild Winey

Body: Buttery

Flavor Notes: Woody, Cherry Tomato, Honey Wheat, Juicy, Strawberry Preserves