Finca La Encañada

Deep in the hills of Rioja, San Martín, Peru, lies Finca La Encañada. Two permanent employees, including the gerente (manager), who is also a natural doctor, keep things running in the off seasons, and are joined by up to fifteen field workers during harvest season. Haughty ducks and chickens cluck around La Encañada, unaware of their eventual fate, which is very likely caldo de gallina (hen soup) in the open-air kitchen. Owner Dionicio Aguilar has spent the last fifteen years of his life at La Encañada and for the past five has pursued specialty coffee processing measures, raising the cup score of his offerings by 3 points so far. He has great plans including building a ‘dry lab’ (fully enclosed) and increasing the cup quality of his coffee through partnership with American coffee roasters.

 San Martin

Producer: Dionicio Aguilar Mestanza

Farm: Finca La Encañada

Region: Belen, Yorongo – Rioja, San Martín – Peru

Varieties: Typica (50%), Caturra (40%), Bourbon (10%)

Altitude: 1,450 (MASL)


Fragrance / AromaChocolate – Honey

Acidity:  Very Sweet – Tangy

Body: Full

Flavor NotesBit ‘o’ Honey, Molasses, Funnel Cake, Sweet, Clean