PeruGlobal Imports is the brainchild of Juan Atkins, a globe-trotting Peruvian entrepreneur who calls Portland, Oregon his home and Peru his heritage. Begun on a shoestring budget in 2012, PeruGlobal Imports brings the best Peruvian green coffee and cacao beans to the United States. With an emphasis on, more than fair-trade, supporting farmers and building community between coffee roasters, chocolate makers, and producers.

“My goal is to bring international recognition to the best Peruvian farmers,” says Juan, “which is why we have all coffee bags stamped with the name of the fincas (farms) and not as PeruGlobal Imports.” Starting small, with a single Organic coffee container, according to his business plan, Atkins has steadily grown his offerings and his knowledge base to position PeruGlobal Imports as the leading small importer of Peruvian specialty coffee. Now, working with Q Grader and coffee consultant Michael McIntyre, he has a carefully curated selection of coffees and cacao beans for the artisan roasters and chocolate makers such as outstanding experimental micro-lots to 88+ point (Q scale) coffees.

To learn more about PeruGlobal Imports or to visit the farmers with us, contact Juan.